Welcome to Issues Magazine for Empowerment and beyond……..

My plan is to develop this website featuring historical data magazines. allowing you to explore ‘who was who’ in the New Age movement starting in the 1980’s in the Interior of BC.

Included are PDF copies of Issues Magazine  for Empowerment 1990 to 2008. In 2009 files were uploaded to ISSUU, featuring pages that flip, now reading like a magazine. Pdf’s of the Spring Festival of Awareness 1978-2018 and many Wise Women’s Festival are included. 

See my collection of Quan Yin’s to the far right plus my favorite angel images as they flash on the screen. I have dedicated a page to my mom, Tess Tessier, who published two books Iceberg Tea and White Spirit Bear plus her travelling dog show.

Once my autobiography, titled More Musings is complete it will be posted to the right.


Angele retired from publishing Issues Magazine in 2017 and her husband Richard sold the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center in 2022.

She has spent this winter updating her website to feature her upcoming auto-biographical book, More Musing’s, which has taken four winters to complete. It takes one minute to view her favorite angels below plus click to see her many Quan Yins to the right. If you want to share your favourite image of the Goddess of Compassion please email and I will add it to the page.