The Beginning (Feb 1990)

older Musing
Summer of 1989

In May of 1989 I chatted with Samaya of Shared Vision and she allowed me to buy 2 pages of the July magazine and in return I would get 5,000 copies to distribute around the Okanagan. Two months latter I sold enough ads to buy 8 pages which continued for December. That fall as I went for my walk in the hills, I had heard a voice that said I was too start my own own magazine and title it Issues. The next day the voice spoke again and said I was to write an article and call it Musing. Below is my original article, now called a blog since it is on the net.

I looked up the word muse in the dictionary and it means to meditate in silence; think deeply; dream. My column will be to share with you, thoughts and dreams. I feel that wholistic health is very important, but not many people are aware of the benefits. Many practitioners are very talented but don’t always make a living doing what they love. I hope my skills as a promoter will entice people to give the wholistic practitioners a try. I’m a networker not a writer so I’m depending on you to supply me with interesting articles. I’d like to thank my supporters and the sponsors who helped make this publication a reality. I hope you enjoy and share this premier edition of ISSUES.

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