Meet The Co-ordinators

angele-richardAngèle took over organizing the Spring Festival in 1989 and loved the challenge. It was held at Naramata Center for over 25 years. In 2014 Naramata Centre closed and the Spring Festival of Awareness and the Wise Women’s Festival was moved to the Shatford Centre in Penticton and a second Spring Festival and Wise Womens are now held at the Johnsons Landing Retreat as well. Angele is publisher of Issues Magazine for Empowerment and with her partner, Richard Ortega they own and operate the Johnsons Landing Retreat Center. They were married on September 3, 2006 in the Kootenays at the Retreat Center. Together they are forming a ‘Findhorn-like Community’ that supports sustainability and organic farming. Angéle writes the Musing blog at the top of the screen. She started Issues Magazine as a way to promote the Spring Festival of Awareness. Peter Morris was a psychic who presented at it and he did not want to see it die, for it was not held in 1988.
marionMarion Desborough is the Registration Co-ordinator … whether it be those who register, volunteer, (including the Healing Oasis) or have items to sell in the store. Marion first attended the festival in 2006 as a Reiki healer, the next year she was a volunteer on the desk, then helped out in the oasis kitchen. In 2007 Angele resumed the Wise Women’s Festival as Laurel, Samarpan and Urmi no longer wanted it. Marion helped Christina Drummond with the registration of healers. In 2008 Marion learned Angeles computer program for registered participants. When Christina moved to the lower mainland in the summer of 2009 Marion took over registration of healers as well as participants. Today she distributes and refills the racks of Issues Magazine, attends trade shows and is Angele’s main contact for the Okanagan. She loves talking to anyone interested in being part of the Festivals.

sunnairaSunnaira joined in Fall of 2009 as an instructor, then in 2010 took on co-ordinating the Healing Oasis for the weekend. She coordinates the healers display boards, makes soup for the set-up crews. She organizes the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and hosts the ‘Set the Intention Ceremonies’ for instructors, healers and volunteers on Friday as a way to connect and bring in healing energy. She brings Smudging to the event, which is a popular native way to cleanse our auric field. Her steady energy supports the healers and volunteers who work the registration desk and all who partake in the healing sessions. She helps to set the tone and the atmosphere to make this an enjoyable experience. She likes to drum and chant and shares a meditation workshop with Karen.

karen-cooganKaren Coogan joined our team in the Fall of 2010 as an Instructor. She took over decorating the Great Hall in the spring of 2011 when Eleanor Staats stepped down and Angele resumed the Wise Womens Festival in the fall, after a 3 year break. Today she prepares the many altars in the Great Hall so the Angels presence may be felt. She coordinates the ceremonies and entertainment plays the Crystals Bowls with Sunnaira for an evening meditation workshop.

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